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Shmueli Bell of X Nihilo Creative

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Infinite Self

Liberate your mind, body & spirit. Empower your soul. Manifest the dreams in your heart. 

Everything you need is within.


You Are Powerful Beyond Measure.

You are a Vibrational, Electrical, & Magnetic
Spiritual Being Of Consciousness
with an Infinite Soul.

Anything is possible

YOU have the power. YOU create your own reality.
YOU can be, do, and have anything you wish-

When you believe in yourself, the possibilities are infinite... 

And the time is always now.

You are creating your life every moment... 

Are you ready to embark on a journey of rediscovery to see what's really possible?

Shmueli Bell of X-Nihilio Creative

Rediscover Yourself as the Powerful Creator You Are...

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Paradigm Shifter: Lesson One

Axiom #1

*Everything is Energy...
*Energy is Conscious... 
*Consciousness is Energy... 

Axiom #2

*Consciousness Creates Reality.
*~Awareness~ is the KEY that Gives You the Power to Change & Create Reality.

Axiom #3

*Use Attention + Focused Intent to Direct Energy Consciousness

~Reflection Questions~
Where are you directing your precious attention & intention?
What energy are you feeding with your thoughts, feelings, & actions?
What are you creating in this very moment?

Paradigm Shifter: Lesson Two

Axiom #4

*You are ONE with the Universe, with all that IS.

(You are NOT separate from anything, or anyone. )

Axiom #5

*You are connected to everything. 
*Everything is connected to you.

Axiom #6

*You are capable of anything.
*You have the same potential as anyone.

~Reflection Questions~
*Is it possible that you have limited yourself in the past?
*Is it possible that you have intentionally or non-intentionally agreed to limiting beliefs
about who you are and what you are capable of?
*What becomes possible for you when you release those limiting thoughts & beliefs?

This births a major opportunity for the realization, rediscovery, recreation, & embodiment

of healing, liberation, empowerment and manifestation of anything you choose in YOUR LIFE.

Will you Choose to Seize it??

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Consciously Create Your Reality

Everything is energy, & energy goes where attention flows. Find out how you can own your divine power and manage your vibration so you can consciously create a life you love.

manage your vibration

Create a Life you Love...

You are in the right place if you are ready to: 

*Stand In & Own Your Divine Power

*Heal Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart & Soul

*Rediscover your Inner Magic

*Live from your Heart Center

*Remember Your Divinity

*Align with Your Soul Truth

*Reconnect with Your Infinite Self

*Choose Happiness

*Live Your Dreams, Purpose, & Destiny

What is your soul saying to you?

Meet the Creator behind
Infinite Health & Healing: 

"Hi, I'm Kristen Renee, and
I'm so happy you are here!"

Transformational Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Energy Healer &
Spiritual Teacher

I help you discover your ability to heal yourself naturally & holistically, step into & own your divine power, and tap into your inner guidance & infinite wisdom to positively transform your life. I do this by empowering you with tools, resources, guidance & support to breakthrough blocks, limiting beliefs, and stuck emotions, to connect with the deep peace, clarity & confidence you need to manifest your deepest dreams & desires. 

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Get started with a FREE online 30-minute Own Your Divine Power Breakthrough Session! 
Dive in now and get private 1:1 laser attention with Kristen Renee
 to identify and gain clarity of what you're seeking, what needs to change, and a plan of how you can breakthrough to the otherside of living the life of your dreams! (Limited to 1x per person & first timer's only!)

Your Music, Your Medicine, & Your Magic

*The 3 Pillars of Infinite Health & Healing*

Which pillar are you journeying in now?


Find Your Light

The first pillar is about liberating yourself from all states of "dis" ease: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

To heal holistically & naturally in mind, body, spirit, heart & soul.

Discover the tools and the principles to heal yourself naturally & holistically. Clear, heal, & rejuvenate your whole self & reclaim your true health.


Heal Your Light

The second pillar is about empowerment, where you own your power to create your own reality.

You develop & cultivate your intuition, reconnect with your inner wisdom & confidence, learn, listen, respond, evolve, and refine your vibrational frequency, and raise your awareness of your infinite self and divine power.


Grow Your Light

In this pillar of manifestation, you begin to consciously create your reality.

You use processes of spiritual alchemy and apply universal laws to dance between your conscious, subconscious & super-conscious minds, exploring your imagination, following your dreams, and creating magic before your very eyes.

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Love From Clients...

Margo Hughes
Angela Soete
Natalia Sofia
Kyle Foster
Sondra M.
Sasha Ordanian
Elsie W.

"I feel more willing to be vulnerable..more open. I can physically feel a shift..I finally feel free..."

I was blessed to participate in Kristen Renee's Sacred 90 sessions at a time when I was struggling with emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and debilitating fear. Even though I had a tendency to get hung up on the thoughts that come up when I'm trying to access my deepest, most guarded emotions, Kristen Renee's beautiful, centering words and imagery enabled me to stay present in my body and my feelings, enabling me to visualize the darkness that was blocking my progress and watch it dissolve.

Since I had been holding on to many of these feelings for a long time and kept my defenses high, doing it only once didn't rid me of it forever. It was such a gift to be able to re-listen to the recording and keep taking the steps to heal over and over until I was ready to believe and accept the infinite possibilities and of letting go of the things that no longer serve me. Ever since the work I did with Kristen Renee's Sacred 90, I feel more willing to be vulnerable, more able to move forward and more open to the process. I can physically feel a shift in my resistance. I finally feel free to let go of the things that no longer serve me and move forward with hope and grace.

"I slept better than I had in a long time, and for the first time in a VERY long time!"

After my session with Kristen, I noticed a gentle tingling sensation on my back, like someone was caressing it. And I slept better than I had in a long time, and for the first time in a VERY long time, I didn't wake anxious, depressed, or pissed off! And my mind hasn't been obsessing over certain things either, which is good, because I tend to be "the thinker"."

"Wonderful teacher and healer!"

Wonderful teacher and healer! Very knowledgeable and offers great insight!!

"An amazing distant healer and is blessed beyond measure."

Kristen Renee Witherspoon is an amazing distant healer and is blessed beyond measure. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the world and healing us one at a time. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating

"I am clearer, less foggy brained and more grounded..."

Sacred 90 was a blessed experience that showed up just when I needed it found it soothing and regenerating. I have noticed as I listen I am more aware of my body and the tension and pain ease as I relax. I am clearer, less foggy brained and more grounded. I have found as I continued to listen to it throughout each month I am actively more grateful and things that I have been holding onto that no longer serve me release. Thank You Kristen for sharing your gift with us.

Kristen is an amazing lightworker...your go to gal!

Kristen is an amazing lightworker... was going through a difficult time and just her presence alone raised my energy. If you have anxiety about a new project or new life phase you going through Kristen is your go to gal!

"I have great confidence in Kristen."

I had never heard of Reiki or energy work before. When someone recommended that I try this, I thought, "Well, it's probably just a lot of hooey, but I'll try it." During my time with Kristen, I became more relaxed, slept better and felt better. I also thought I must be crazy because in the very relaxed state I was in, I would see faint colors with my eyes closed, but I was reassured that this was not abnormal; in fact, the colors that I was seeing corresponded with the work that Kristen was doing. I have great confidence in Kristen, and felt that her use of Reiki as part of my therapy was very helpful.

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