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Updated: 2015


Updated [2023]

This policy represents Infinite Health & Healing’s practices and procedures for retaining and disposing of corporate records and electronic documents.

The purpose of this policy is to help ensure that (a) necessary records and documents are adequately maintained and (b) unnecessary records that Infinite Health & Healing no longer needs or are of no value are discarded at the proper time.  This policy also intends to help Infinite Health & Healing's employees understand their obligations with respect to retaining and disposing of electronic documents in their possession.



Appendix A to this policy is a Records Retention Schedule describing the initial maintenance, retention, and disposal schedule for Infinite Health & Healing's physical records and electronic documents.  The CEO will either himself be or designate an employee to be in charge of implementing this policy and developing any necessary further procedures in this regard.  That person, described in this policy as the Records Administrator, is also authorized to modify the Records Retention Schedule from time to time to maintain compliance with applicable law or best practices.


If Infinite Health & Healing or an employee (a) is served with any subpoena or request for documents, (b) becomes aware of a governmental investigation or audit concerning Infinite Health & Healing, or (c) learns of the commencement or threat of litigation against or concerning Infinite Health & Healing, the Records Administrator must be informed.  At that point, the Records Administrator will, in coordination with legal counsel as necessary, identify any and all records that could be relevant to the subpoena, investigation, or litigation.  Any further destruction or disposal of those records will be suspended and the Records Administrator will inform all affected employees of that suspension.  The Records Administrator is authorized to take automatic methods to suspend the ability of any or all employees to delete or destroy affected records.


This policy applies to all physical records generated in the course of Infinite Health & Healing’s operation, including both original documents and reproductions.  It also applies to all documents in electronic form.

1. Key Corporate Records – to be retained permanently
  • Corporate records (minute books, signed/approved board and committee minutes, corporate seals, articles of incorporation, corporate bylaws, annual reports)
  • All necessary licenses and permits
  • All annual audit reports and financial statements
  • All general ledgers
  • All insurance policies (including expired policies) and claims files
  • All court orders related to Infinite Health & Healing (if any)
  • Employee handbooks (one copy of each version)
  • All real property-related documents – property deeds, assessments, licenses, right of way agreements, purchase/sale/lease agreements, and property insurance policies
  • Certain IRS documents:  all tax returns, annual information returns, IRS or other government audit records

2. Accounting and Finance – two to seven year retention periods

  • Seven years
  • Accounts payable ledgers and schedules
  • Accounts receivable ledgers and schedules
  • Bank statements and canceled checks
  • Audit records, including work papers and related documents
  • Employee expense reports 
  • Interim financial statements
  • Notes receivable ledgers and schedules
  • Investment records (seven years post sale of investment if sold)
  • Two years
  • Corporate credit card records
  • Annual plans and budgets

3. Contracts – seven year retention period

  • Final, signed copies of all contracts are retained for seven years after expiration or termination of the contract.  This includes any contract-related correspondence.

4. Insurance – three to twenty-five year retention periods

  • Twenty-five years
  • Releases and settlements
  • Ten years
  • Loss runs/history of insurance claims
  • Annual loss summaries
  • Seven years
  • Journal entry support data
  • Three years
  • Insurance inspections, audits, and adjustments

5. Legal Files/Papers – one to ten year retention periods

  • Ten years
  • Requests for departure from Records Retention Plan (e.g., subpoena-related changes)
  • Seven years
  • Legal memoranda and opinions (seven years after close of matter)
  • One year (see details)
  • Litigation files – one year after expiration of time for filing appeals

6. Human Resources – two to seven year retention periods

  • Seven years
  • Records of commissions, bonuses, or similar awards
  • Seven years post-separation
  • Employee earnings records
  • Six years post-separation
  • Employee personnel and medical records
  • Four years
  • Information regarding non-hired applicants (including all applications and resumes)
  • Three years from hiring decision
  • Correspondence with hiring agencies
  • Job advertisements

7. Payroll – two to seven year retention periods

  • Termination plus seven years
  • Payroll deductions
  • W-2 and W-4 forms
  • Garnishments, assignments, and attachments
  • Seven years
  • Payroll registers
  • Six years
  • Unclaimed wage records
  • Termination plus four years
  • Employee deduction authorizations

8. Tax – seven year retention period

  • Seven years
  • Payroll tax records
  • Tax bills, receipts, and statements
  • Original tax workpaper packages
  • Sales/use tax records

9. Correspondence and Internal Memoranda

General Principle:  Most correspondence and internal memoranda should be retained for the same period as the document they pertain to or support.  For instance, a letter pertaining to a particular contract would be retained as long as the underlying contract (seven years post-termination or expiration).

Other correspondence, including emails, that does not pertain to specific documents or other categories in this appendix should generally be kept for no more than two years.

Employees should set for themselves standard practices to review old emails, correspondence, and files to dispose of them if no longer necessary, in accordance with this policy.