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​Self-care is the most important element of having holistic health. It is required for maintenance of your mind, body, and spirit. If we don't take care of ourselves at the soul-level, you become an eligible victim of depression, anxiety disorder, or worse. Kristen Renee, the CEO and COO of Infinite Health & Healing is currently exercising this truth in her own life. She will return to work once she feels renewed, aligned and centered at the soul level. 🙂

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​​Kristen Renee is a Coach, Healer, Teacher, Author, and Speaker. She specializes in helping people overcome and heal from blocks like limiting beliefs, ​emotional baggage, and self-sabotaging patterns that keep you stuck and struggling in doubt and fear so you can connect to your highest self and deepest truths in order to experience and manifest your full potential, value, and purpose in life which ​allows you create the ultimate lifestyle of your dreams that you've always dreamed of. She was the host of The Mind, Body, Spirit Multidimensional Healing Summit and is also the owner of Holistic Massage & Healing Therapies. She enjoys traveling & learning new things.