Sacred 60

Your Monthly Multidimensional Deluxe Distant Energy Healing

Heal Your Energy Body

Take 60 sacred minutes every month to receive chakra healing, Reiki, pranic healing, and crystal healing from a distance for only $33 per month! Comes with a 60-minute guided meditation to lead you through the healing. You can be anywhere at the time of the healing. Cancel anytime by emailing or visiting your Paypal account. No refunds are offered due to the nature of this service. Every healing takes place on the first Tuesday of every month at 2pm Los Angeles // 5pm New York // 10pm London and the first Wednesday of every month 3:30am Dehli // 6am Hong Kong // 9am Sydney.

Zen Out for 60 Sacred Minutes Per Month While I Raise Your Vibration & Unblock Your Chakras 
So You Can Be Happier and Feel More Peaceful.

Credit: Shmueli Bell of X-Nihilo Creative


Being Freed from Blocks, Limitations, & Negative Patterns...

Being Healed at the Deepest Layers of Your Heart, Mind, Body, & Soul...

Being Centered and Activated with Your Inner Power & Highest Self...

Remembering, Accessing, & Becoming Aligned with Your Deepest Truth so you easily 
live out and manifest the Life of Your Dreams & Soul Mission...

What if this happened EVERY MONTH.

All this is possible and more...

Are You Tired of Feeling:

Worn out





Not yourself



Maybe you're stuck, out of energy, tired, tired of being tired, down all the time, you don't know how to pull yourself out of "this funk" you're in, and on and on. 

An invisible force shapes your entire life experience...


Everything is energy.

Energy can be either constructive or destructive..

Look at the effects of the words "I hate you" compared to "I love you":

What Vibration Are You Resonating At?

Raise Your Vibration

What if you had a way to raise your vibration without trying? What if you could go from grief at level 75 to acceptance at level 350? How would that change your life? How would you feel differently? Well I'm here telling you there is a way. The way is energy healing.  

Entrain Your Energy for Deep Inner Peace

Depressed? Got anxiety? An entrained energy field can move freely and functions at optimal level. When your chakras are activated and open you can live and experience life to the fullest. There's no sluggish flow of energy with stuck debris in your field keeping you feeling down and in the dumps. When you introduce light and healing energy, the whole system upgrades.

To entrain means to gradually bring another into rhythmic synchronicity with it.

Energy that is not entrained with itself is more chaotic, stressed, and misfiring, causing itself to feel fatigued, pain, moody, anxious, doubtful, confused, and at emotional unease.

Energy that is entrained is harmonious, connected, communicating, at ease, peaceful, and happy.

Do you know what happens when you have all your energy entrained?


Feel deep peace, clarity, happiness, flow, joy, healing, abundance, open communication, harmony, unforeseen blessings, and so much more with Sacred 60.

Discover the power of consistency.

Benefits of Monthly Energy Healing: 

Clear Fears

Release Limiting Subconscious Beliefs

Rewire Your Thinking for Harmony

Entrain Your Energy with Peace & Clarity

Raise Your Vibration

Experience Higher Consciousness

Balance Your Chakras

Heal from Dis-ease

Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Eliminate Aches & Pains

Heal Stress & Anxiety

Manifest & Attract Your Desires More Easily

Sleep Better

Feel More Positive

Attract More Abundance

Strengthen Your Boundaries

Increase Your Spiritual Connection

Align & Center Yourself Within Your Soul

Connect with Your Higher Self

On and On...

YOU are energy itself, a vibrational, magnetic, and electrical spiritual being of consciousness, attracting to you that which is resonating within your own energetic field.

How it Works

Energy healing works by activating the subtle energy systems of the body to remove blocks, treat energetic imbalances, and allow for the body to activate it's natural healing abilities.

Chakra healing, Reiki, and pranic healing are used during Sacred 60 to clear blocks, heal, and balance the entire body system.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and healing. Rei means "God's wisdom" or "Higher power" and ki means "Life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy". 

Pranic healing is a science and art that utilizes prana, ki, or vital energy to accelerate the natural healing power of the body. Pranic healing synthesizes the energy healing principles of the world and is one of the most advanced and complete methods of energy healing.

Crystal healing is a type of vibrational medicine that utilizes the energy fields of the crystals to heal and balance the energy field of the body. Healthy and non-healthy tissues have different frequencies and can be brought back into balance utilizing crystal healing.

Activate Your Sacred Temple

Healing comes from within. Health comes from within. 

We manifest lives based on our internal experience.
As above, so below. 

As within, so without.

That means that your energy, your thoughts, and your feelings are directly related to what you manifest in your life-24/7.

This is the beginning of the Law of Attraction.

Einsteinium quantum physics shows us that all energy, whether physical or non-physical, is in a state of vibration.

The frequency of each vibration determines what it attracts.

ALL the time.

Like attracts like.

Lower vibrations are heavier and slower, while higher vibrations are lighter and faster.

Our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions are the things that manifest or attract more of the same.

Dedicate time towards taking care of your sacred inner temple and your vibration will automatically raise.

Are you on the right frequency to have what you want?

Entrain Your Energy for Deep Peace

Give your energy field the boost it needs to feel that deep inner peace you crave. When your energy field flows harmoniously, that is when you can experience the bliss that is inner peace. Sacred 60 can give you that.

Is your energetic field entrained and attracting what you want that lead you to your dream?

Or is it cluncking around, every day more of the same old thing?

One simple block in your energy could be keeping you from feeling what you want to feel or taking action on something you really want to do. Procrastination could be a reflection of a block in your energy field. Heal it with Sacred 60. 

Don't believe in yourself? Being negative about the situation? Energy healing goes deep into your core and energizes your entire system so that you can be the best you can be.

When your energy can move freely without blocks, it can create, live, and move more easily. 

Think, if you could simply REMOVE any blocks in your energy field.

Blocks like doubt, hesitation, procrastination, or disbelief in self or the world?

How would that impact your life? What wouldn't you hesitate on? What would you take action on? In what ways could you succeed?

What do you say we shift the paradigm and simply
VIBRATE though any block?

Think about this:

What sorts of things HAVEN'T you done yet because you haven't FELT like it, or felt stuck, or stopped believing that you could do it?

Life is full of trying events.

You've probably navigated through fear and doubt a lot and have innately been avoiding them from being planted in your mind. Perhaps some traumas have been scattered along your path and have challenged your will, your faith, and your belief in yourself to make all those shiny dreams a reality. Maybe you just wish you could get through your regular daily life more easily.

You already do a lot on your own, but let´s face it, we get tired!

And life can be bliss.

What if you just had a little help?

Energy healing is the answer.


This membership could help you overcome obstacles and propel you toward fulfilling your dreams.

You know, the ones your soul asks but can only be answered by living and loving out to the fullest.

Energy healing can help you do that.

At the soul level, you are meant for greatness. 

So you can't afford to keep those blocks.

"Upgrade" your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soul energy to smooth, multidimensional life performance level.

Remember when you were just a child, dreaming of all the amazing things you would do when you grew up? You were free from depression and anxiety. You were free and without a care in the world. You were centered and grounded within yourself. You can be that way again. You can return to your inner self. Your inner temple.

 Remember how it felt to know that anything was possible? When you saw the light of wonderful possibility?

You're SUPPOSED to feel the magic of living.

You can clear the blocks that keep you from feeling that way.

That is true health. Vibrant health.

 Do you remember what it felt like to have so much energy freely moving throughout your body and your mind, and how it carried your spirit into action?

You can energize your system to return to that state.

"This is a call for you to reclaim yourself and your life, an opportunity for you to step into the powerful being that you always knew you were meant to be."

Sacred 60

For Healing

When you introduce more light into your system, it can absorb it and shine that light on places of darkness, bringing conscious awareness to areas that might not have had any attention in awhile. Old wounds can begin to heal, dark memories can begin to fade and dissolve, and new perspectives can be had. The body goes into the parasympathetic nervous system (wine and dine or rest and digest) where it can relax and heal and can release compressed trauma, sink deeper into peace, and allow the intricate communication systems of the body to reconnect. Subtle healings take place all over.

For Health

There are specific energy pathways in our bodies. If these pathways become blocked, it creates illness. Energy healing goes to those blocks and helps dissipate and heal the energy that was blocked. When your energy pathways can flow with energy freely, that is when you are most healthy. 

For Manifestation

It is when you are focused, clear, and intent on what it is you want to attract in your life, whether it be more peace, more bliss, more like minds, more money, or more fun, that is when you are able to attract what you want. Knowing that your energy field or subconscious mind isn't clunking junk into the mix such as limiting or ill thoughts will ensure your success.

Sacred 60 is a way to increase the frequency of your vibration...making life easier, more fun, and accelerating your soul development. This also makes manifesting easier.

Sacred 60 also helps your energy communicate with the outside world much more effectively, making wins happen more often, with more ease, and nailing what we really want because it was communicated to the universe more clearly, making us able to attract our desires easily.

One thing to note is that our bodies are sensitive to every little thing (electromagnetic frequencies, other people's energy and  thoughts, sounds, etc.) and it takes energy to either block it out or engage with it. Can you imagine how much harder this process gets when the mind or body is under stress? The way we respond to this stimuli affects our reality. If our minds and bodies are worn out, we aren't likely to respond to situations in our lives in a favorable manner, causing opportunities to pass, misunderstandings, missed information, or even fights.

Raise your hand if you know what that feels like,

It is ultimately our inner energetic state that dictates that experience.

Now you can more easily take care of your inner energetic state and raise your vibration with multidimensional energy healing to increase the quality of your inner being, changing the way you respond to everything, and how everything responds to you...

Manifest what you want more easily 
in consistent, monthly increments.

Can you imagine how hard it would be to manifest what you want with an energetic field full of debris such as negativity, doubt, low self-worth, blocks, limiting beliefs, and fog? 

Now think about how easy it would be to manifest what you want with a clear, entrained, and harmonized energetic field. 

Remove Blocks, Align Your Chakras, Improve Manifestation, Raise Your Vibration

With Sacred 60, everything would be flowing optimally, functioning the way it should, making it easy to manifest or attract what you want because you feel clear, positive, confident, worthy, blessed, nurtured, aware and conscious of your capability, and your energy would flow much more smoothly.

Entrained energy is synchronized, correlated, harmonized, and flows smoothly.

The resulting effect is the feeling of peace.

Low vibrations such as fear, confusion, hatred, anger, and negativity attract more low vibrations. High vibrations such as love, clarity, adoration, joy, positivity, and service attract more high vibrations.

This is how the law of attraction works. 

Credit: Shmueli Bell of X-Nihilo Creative

 If you can be conscious of your vibrations, you unlock the keys to manifestation.

Sacred 60 can help you become more conscious of your vibrations.

You can have control over your own vibration. You can start small, and make yourself feel good by only feeding yourself high vibrations. For example, organic food, positive thoughts, good choices, energy healing, and the content of your spiritual life.

Live the benefits of having all your energy in sync.

You are meant to feel good, share goodness, and enjoy life. If you aren't doing any of these, (even ALL of these), or find it hard to keep your energy up,
then you REALLY need Sacred 60.

During Sacred 60 you:

Let your bones soak in Reiki...

Let your muscles drink up high frequency light...

Let your chakras wring out...

Let your mind melt stress and unwind...

Let your heart breathe and exhale...

Let your soul be nurtured and fed...

How I Discovered Energy Healing...

Once upon a time, I sought after the secrets of natural healing. Something that didn´t include scary side effects, or take forever. One of the methods I found is energy healing at a massage therapy school in 2010. My first experiences of it sent me into an infinite internal womb-like space where everything felt expanded. I re-emerged as if my whole being had been dipped in a serum that makes you new again, like Lazerus' pit. I felt as if my whole mind had been cleared and nothing could bother me. No more anxiety. No more doubt. No more confusion. Simply bliss. I was in a cocoon of protective energy and nothing could harm me. Not even if someone tried. Infinite depths of peace continuously washed over me for days and weeks to come. I continued on this path and learned multiple methods of energy healing. I want to share this with you.

Me pictured with my energy healing teacher Tom Tessereau in 2012

Sacred 60 is Support to Help you Heal and Be Successful


The membership that will shift your paradigm forever.

Sacred 60

Credit: Shmueli Bell of X-Nihilo Creative

Slough off years of old layers. Drop heavy burdens. See the glimmer of your soul light burst through your dreary eyes. Let your heart beat once again in pursuit of pure life adventure. Find the confidence of your spirit nestled right between your passion, your balance, and the renewed sense of curiosity within.

Energy healing is the answer you´ve been seeking.

You will notice the difference with your first Sacred 60 energy healing session.

And with each month, the effects will deepen, expand, and touch every area of your life.

Energy healing like Reiki feels like warm, loving healing energy washing over every layer of your body and aura. Deep penetration of light energy into your cells addresses every aspect of your life. Reiki is all intelligent, and knows where to go all by itself. 

How Can I Receive Energy Healing from a Distance?

The distance part is simple. Distance healing transcends time and space. With the discovery of quantum physics, we now understand that time is relative, and space can be folded and reached from anywhere else. Using the Law of Correspondence, your name, and a combination of four special Reiki symbols, I am able to reach the Reiki-Chakra-Crystal-Pranic energy healing to you no matter where you are in the world.

Distance Healing is Equally as Powerful.

Science has proven that distance healing is as powerful if not more powerful than energy healing in person. This has to do with the fact that a person can receive the healing no matter where they are so the stress level of going anywhere is eliminated and the recipient can relax more deeply in their own space.

I've used Reiki to heal headaches, stress, aches & pains, limiting beliefs, doubt, fear, anxiety, depression, emotional pain, trauma, dis-ease, fever, and eyesight for myself and others.

Reiki opens the doors to mindfulness, intuition, compassion, and gratitude.

"First the mind must be healed. Second the body must be made sound. If the mind is healthy conforming to a path of integrity, then the body becomes sturdy of its own accord." ~Dr. Mikao Usui

Save Hours Every Month

Without having to get ready and drive anywhere, you save an hour in traveling time, plus hours of overthinking, anxiety, doubt, stress, depression, fogginess, aimlessness, confusion, and trouble sleeping.

  1. Mind: Let your mind relax and connect any gaps in your thought processes.
  2. Body: Let your body relax and reconnect with your mind.
  3. Spirit: Let your spirit soar and reenergize so it may continue carry you through life.

Sacred 60 Benefits...

  • Calm Peace of Mind
  • Tranquility and Relaxation in Body
    A Soothed and Balanced Spirit 
  • A Comforted and Soft Heart
  • A Nurtured and Happy Soul

Sink into 60 minutes of Reiki-Chakra-Crystal-Pranic energy healing every month.

Reiki Benefits

  • Adapts to the needs of the recipient.
    Reiki energy is intelligent and knows where its needed most all by itself. 
    Even if you have special circumstances, your needs will be met. Reiki communicates with your own unique body's energy and creates a synthesis of healing that lasts and lasts. This also means that there is no risk in being harmed. It is only beneficial and harmonious as it is completely natural.
  • Helps meditative states.

    That racing mind? Negative thoughts? Eliminate stress from your mind, body and soul.
    Energy healing calms and entrains your energetic system, helping it to communicate with itself better so that you can vanquish stress, feel relaxed, think better, and concentrate better. You will be able to sustain a healing vibration so you can connect and develop your consciousness in higher ways.
    *Note* Being in your parasympathetic nervous system vs the autonomic system activates your bodies natural healing abilities allowing for continued healing all month long.
    *Note* For concentrated healing of serious & long-term cases, it is recommended to have frequent treatments. After signing up for Sacred 60, email me at and let me know what you're healing from and we can set something up. I have witnessed some truly miraculous healings!

  • Promotes personal awareness.

    This is like having a super-human application turned on. 
    You always will have a "dose" of Reiki light energy infused into your system working in your favor to stimulate your spiritual energies, aid in your best development, and strengthening your system to function in a highly-efficient, balanced, healthy way. Promotes spiritual development and higher sensory awareness.
  • Enhances spiritual connection. 

    Your inner being gets restored. Your connection to everything that is gets healed, strengthened, and reassured. This provides for some MASSIVE root chakra healing as well as crown chakra healing.
  • Fosters natural self-healing. 

    In every way imaginable.
    From practical to mystical. All healing starts energetically. Freeing blocked energy, releasing stuck pathways, and restoring the natural energetic patterns of the body. From physical healing of pronounced dis-eases, to healing the mind, accepting yourself, and healing the way you interact in relationships, to healing emotional, childhood, and generational wounds, to the healing of subtle energy communication & DNA healing.
  • Relaxes and reduces stress.
    Stress that you didn't even know you had, watch it melt away. Things that you forgot about automatically come to the surface without difficulty. Things automatically coming together. That mountain on your shoulders? Can finally come down. That space you need to breathe? Yeah- it's there. Let it come back with Sacred 60.
  • Balances energies in the body.  
    Mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually... 
    Your astral energies, causal energies, mental energies, all harmonized and balanced, as well as your core energized, chakras balanced, aura cleansed, and energetic patterns stabilized.
  • Relieves pain and discomfort. 
    Melt your pain. Get used to relieving yourself and allowing yourself to live in pleasure and joy again. Get rid of pain and let it be your yesterdays.

Recognize all the areas that you wish could be different. I'm here to tell you, you can make it happen

Be supported, let yourself be uplifted and watch your daily life shift. Positive waves of energy will wash over you, bringing your vibration up, clearing and busting through any blocks so you can operate smoothy, efficiently and effortlessly.

Think more powerfully, clearly, and have unblocked motivation, inspiration, and clarity.

What blocks will you remove with Sacred 60??

Here's What You Get:

60 minutes of Chakra-Reiki-Pranic-Crystal Healing on the first Tuesday of each month at 2pm Los Angeles // 5pm New York // 10pm London and the first Wednesday of each month at 3:30am Dehli // 6am Hong Kong // 9am Sydney

60-minute Guided Meditation

Private Facebook Group

3 Reminder emails before every energy healing
(1 week before, 1 day before, & 10 minutes before)

See what some of our customers have to say:

"I am clearer, less foggy brained and more grounded..."


Sacred 90 was a blessed experience that showed up just when I needed it found it soothing and regenerating. I have noticed as I listen I am more aware of my body and the tension and pain ease as I relax. I am clearer, less foggy brained and more grounded. I have found as I continued to listen to it throughout each month I am actively more grateful and things that I have been holding onto that no longer serve me release. Thank You Kristen for sharing your gift with us.

Sondra M.

Kristen is an amazing lightworker...your go to gal!


Kristen is an amazing lightworker... was going through a difficult time and just her presence alone raised my energy. If you have anxiety about a new project or new life phase you going through Kristen is your go to gal!

Sasha Ordanian

"I slept better than I had in a long time, and for the first time in a VERY long time!"


After my (energy healing) session with Kristen, I noticed a gentle tingling sensation on my back, like someone was caressing it. And I slept better than I had in a long time, and for the first time in a VERY long time, I didn't wake anxious, depressed, or pissed off! And my mind hasn't been obsessing over certain things either, which is good, because I tend to be "the thinker"."

Angela Soete

"I have great confidence in Kristen."


I had never heard of Reiki or energy work before. When someone recommended that I try this, I thought, "Well, it's probably just a lot of hooey, but I'll try it." During my time with Kristen, I became more relaxed, slept better and felt better. I also thought I must be crazy because in the very relaxed state I was in, I would see faint colors with my eyes closed, but I was reassured that this was not abnormal; in fact, the colors that I was seeing corresponded with the work that Kristen was doing. I have great confidence in Kristen, and felt that her use of Reiki as part of my therapy was very helpful.

Elsie W.

"I feel more willing to be vulnerable..more open. I can physically feel a shift..I finally feel free..."


I was blessed to participate in Kristen Renee's Sacred 90 sessions at a time when I was struggling with emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and debilitating fear. Even though I had a tendency to get hung up on the thoughts that come up when I'm trying to access my deepest, most guarded emotions, Kristen Renee's beautiful, centering words and imagery enabled me to stay present in my body and my feelings, enabling me to visualize the darkness that was blocking my progress and watch it dissolve.

Since I had been holding on to many of these feelings for a long time and kept my defenses high, doing it only once didn't rid me of it forever. It was such a gift to be able to re-listen to the recording and keep taking the steps to heal over and over until I was ready to believe and accept the infinite possibilities and of letting go of the things that no longer serve me. Ever since the work I did with Kristen Renee's Sacred 90, I feel more willing to be vulnerable, more able to move forward and more open to the process. I can physically feel a shift in my resistance. I finally feel free to let go of the things that no longer serve me and move forward with hope and grace.

Margo Hughes

Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

Each and every multidimensional energy healing is conducted by a Professional Energy Healer. Kristen Renee. The practitioner is a Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Pranic Healer, Pranic Psychotherapy Pranic Healer, and a Certified Crystal Healer.

Become A Member Today.

Enter Your Zen, Activate Your Heart-space, and Soak Up the Inter-dimensional.

+ Maestro

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." ~Nikola Tesla

"An amazing distant healer and is blessed beyond measure."


Kristen Renee is an amazing distant healer and is blessed beyond measure. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the world and healing us one at a time. rating

Kyle Foster

"Wonderful teacher and healer!"


Wonderful teacher and healer! Very knowledgeable and offers great insight!!

Natalie Sofia VanBilderbeek

Still on the Fence?

Here's some A's to some Q's you might have:

What if I don't understand how distance healing works?

Totally okay. You don't have to know how it works in order to receive it. Plus, setting your intention to receive and connect with the healing energy works wonders on its own. I perform specific sets of symbols and exercise universal laws in order to connect the template with your energy field. It's all gravy and you don't have to worry about a thing!

Do the effects go away after a certain amount of time?

No. The effects don't even " go away." They integrate with your energy field. You get to build with that energy everyday thereafter. Your energy field is strengthened and can develop more complex patterns and enrich your life in a multidimensional way. Each month builds more and more. 

How can I enhance the benefits?

Listen to the guided meditation track that comes with the membership during your energy healing. It is the blueprint of the energy healing session and will help you to connect with your body as well as enter your parasympathetic nervous system which allows healing to occur at a faster rate. You will be able to interact harmoniously and build consciously on the subtle dimensional levels. Daily meditation will deepen and magnify exponentially the effects and benefits of your Sacred 60 energy healing sessions too.

Do I have to stay awake?

It's okay if you fall asleep during the healing sessions. Your subconscious mind will receive the healing on the deeper levels it needs while you rest deeply in the parasympathetic " wine & dine" or "rest and digest" nervous system. The deepest healing occurs while you're in that state so you could technically heal even deeper while you sleep. 

What if something comes up or I have other plans during the scheduled time?

You can still receive the energy healing session if you're in the middle of something else. You will still want to set your intention to receive and be mindful you are receiving energy healing during that scheduled time, however you can still keep your other scheduled plans if need be. Do try to keep the scheduled times of Sacred 60 uninterrupted as those 60 minutes are your sacred time for healing. You want to honor your body and make sure you have dedicated some time to properly receive a healing session each month. 

How long is a membership for?

Your Sacred 60 Membership will last as long as Kristen Renee chooses to keep offering them and as long as you decide to be a part of it. She does not plan on canceling them anytime soon. You, however, can cancel at any time. 

How long do you recommend doing Sacred 60?

I recommend integrating energy healing into your lifestyle. This means you can keep receiving these sessions as long as they are available. I have people that have been a member for years. You will find that you look forward to them each month. :)

Feel Your Best with 
Sacred 60.

Heal, Balance, Energize.

+ Maestro

"Get the paradigm shift you've been seeking. Be wowed with multidimensional energy healing.”

P.S. I have not come across any other offers like this one. If you don't act now, you'll be missing out!

P.P.S. There is no obligation to stay in the membership if you don't want to. You can cancel at any time by emailing kristen@infinitehealthandhealing or visiting your Paypal account. However, due to the nature of this service there are no refunds.