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On the Multiverse, Manifesting, Intention, Spiritual Law, & Health

Hello lovely friend 🙂

It’s not often that I spontaneously record my thoughts, although today I did, and I wanted to share them with you.  I was inspired to record in the form of a meditative audio while driving back home from dropping my husband off at work. 🙂

In this recording, I talk on about the multiverse, manifesting and creating your dreams, intention, spiritual law, the new paradigm of health and energy, and a little spurt on clean & and water.

The original intention for this audio was to bridge the gaps of many thoughts into one coherent understanding.

I think it came full circle quite nicely. However, by the time I pulled up to where I live, I “paused” the audio and although I resumed once I was inside for another 5 minutes or so and said it was recording, it failed to retain that section. SO sorry about that, so I will attempt to sum up what was said at the end in pure text. I will be honest though- I was a little upset about it because it was the best section of audio full of all the main points (of course it comes out easier when I’m sitting still) but oh well. There was obviously a HUGE glitch in the technology because it said it was still recording. But I’ll digress…

Listen to the recording here, and then continue reading afterwards (to hold the original format of ideas).


Side Note from the Audio:

*Obviously we travel via our bodies as well, but it all starts with the mind. It’s important to maintain the mind-body connection!


So basically the final details of the main idea I wanted to portray was not recorded, although we started on it in the beginning. One thing led to another, which led to another, which… you get the idea. That is how it goes sometimes, stream of consciousness style where your thoughts keep expanding and growing and then eventually come full circle.

So here it goes…

The Final Details of the Big Main Idea (that a technical glitch cut off)

Ultimately, when it comes to manifesting, you can create anything. And it begins with your thoughts. Imagine if you were to have 5 different colored threads all strung onto one big purple needle. Each thread represents something different and you weave this needle consciously through time and space to manifest your particular grand vision:

Let’s pretend:

One thread is ruby red and represents your intention.
One is orange and represents your attention.
One is gold and represents your will.
One is sage green and represents your consistency.
And one is sapphire blue which represents your tenacity.

While holding, balancing, and weaving your threads and needle, you must be able to navigate and discern through:

1.) distractions

2.) those calling for your attention that actually deserve your attention and

3.) effectively communicating with the world around you.

But this is real life, and it’s not always as easy as simply knotting 5 threads together and then never having to worry about it again. Not to mention the 3 aspects to navigate through above are absolutely necessary. Sometimes your attention drifts. Or sometimes your will shifts. Sometimes your energy needs to replenish and rest and your intention changes. And it takes time, effort, and practice to build tenacity and to gain consistency. So when one slips, it has the potential to change everything in that one instant. And it’s up to YOU to recognize what slipped, and to reset it’s “path of orbit” in order to complete your big idea/big vision.

To work with me on manifesting your big dream, fill out the form below to apply for a discovery call and I will be in touch. 🙂




About the Author Kristen Renee

Kristen Renee is the Founder and CEO of Infinite Health & Healing, and enjoys teaching others how to heal holistically, connect with their infinite self, stand in their divine power, & create a life they love.

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