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Infinite Health & Healing Presents...

Divine Soul Alignment

The Deep-Dive Healing Journey of Liberation, Empowerment, and Manifestation
Through the Chakras Your Soul Has Been Craving...

Let's face it- 

You have been CRAVING healing-

the type of healing that your soul calls for, deep down.

And the wait is over.

Imagine what you're life would be like
if you...

  • Cleared Out and Rewired All Your Subconscious Programming

  • Cleared Out Your Chakra System

  • Identified, Brokethrough, & Reprogrammed Doubt
  • Actually Rid Yourself of Negative Thoughts & Heavy, Stuck Emotions...
  • Connected with Your Inner Power So That You Feel Strong, Clear, & Focused...
  • Felt Empowered with Freedom, Peace, Confidence, & Balance within Yourself...
  • Woke Up Happy, Excited, and Feeling Good because You Know what You are Capable of...
  • Had & Experienced Deep Unconditional Self-Love & Acceptance in Your Life...
  • Owned Your Divine Soul Power & Shared Your Inner Gifts Easily & Effortlessly...
  • Overcame the Fears, Blocks & Procrastination that Keep you from Taking Action on your Big Dreams...

How would your life change?

Would you be willing to put in the work to make it your reality?

You are Powerful beyond Measure...

You are a powerful, spiritual being of light. You have a magnetic and electrical nature that
emits your own unique vibrational frequency.

Everything is energy. 

Your thoughts create your reality.

You have the power to heal and create any reality you want
via thought, emotion, and action- simply by directing & aligning your attention and intention consistently.

Use Your Power to Create A Life You Love.


1.) Consciously direct your thoughts.

2.) Feel your natural emotions.

3.) Take the next guided inspired actions.

4.) Live your dream!

And if you need help with any of that, I'm here to help you.

The thing is, our subconscious programming can get in our way.

Not only have I come up with a map to help make this process simple, and easy to follow, I've also come up with a solution to help you clear what is in the way of this 4-step process WORKING for you.

Master your energy- Master of your reality.

Everything is energy, which means in order to become the master of your own reality, you must become the master of your own energy...this is the secret! I am here to help guide you in your journey of managing your energy CONSCIOUSLY.

Are you ready to learn how to take responsibility for your own power
so you can create the life YOU want?

A photo with my favorite teacher of all- Tom Tessereau at a
2012 graduation ceremony.

I found the keys to it all...

I had found a way into peace, self-love, acceptance & forgiveness through the body...
discovered the power of belief & the power to create through the mind...
And I learned of the tremendous spiritual connection, freedom, faith & resilience of the spirit...
As well as the courage, wisdom, & compassion of the heart...
And the divine powertruth, & illumination of the soul...

Fast forward through 13+ years of study & hands-on practice, I combined the knowledge, wisdom, & experience I had gained from learning psychology, consciousness, bodywork, energy healing, neuro-linguistic-programming, natural & vibrational medicines, spirituality, metaphysics, + many other unnamed fields to create

a proven system that effectively heals, clears, balances & empowers your entire being holistically-
mind, body, spirit, heart & soul

And it works. 

It makes it a no-brainer. You can let it be easy. You can let go of the struggle. 

Maybe You've Tried & Failed, 
Think It's Too Late to Change,
Or Have Just Plain Given Up...

The thing is if you're being really honest with yourself, and you've truly actually tried and failed, and you still really want those results, then you CAN'T give up. You MUST keep on trying. If you become a quitter and make it a habit of giving up, then you will never really get what you want, will end up losing parts of your self-esteem, and pieces of your soul...  

And the life you want to live requires that you keep your self-esteem in tact,
don't give up, and occupy your being, mind, body & soul 

So when things get tough, you have to fight to overcome and to be successful.

It's never too late, and the time is always now. 

The top 2 challenges that stop people from becoming successful are:

1.) Overwhelm- You feel emotionally and/or mentally overwhelmed so you feel stuck in your tracks, unable to do anything. 

2.) Consistency- You aren't being consistent in your efforts and you regress easily.

Is that you?

The thing is
- in order to really be successful and create a big shift, you need support.
You need to be held accountable.

Who are you leaning on in the moment when things get tough? What are you doing to manage & eliminate the overwhelm that comes up with any transformation? You may have a strong relationship with God/Goddess/Spirit/Universe or whatever you call what you believe in, and even with close friends and family members, however

if you haven't yet been successful, chances are your channel (that is your mind/body/spirit) is clogged with debris ranging from limiting beliefs, stuck & blocked emotion, and pain. 

And what can you do to eliminate that?

Follow a proven system to guide you-

A map that will show you what to do and
how to navigate through it all when
the road is foggy and dark. 

After everything I went through and after my attempt, I realized that

giving up is simply not an option.

I refused to continue living the way I was and straight up knew that I had to find a way to heal and change.

I simply decided that I would heal myself. 



are the only one who can

make the decision to

do anything about it. 

After all, it IS YOUR life.

Your mind is truly a powerful device. Whatever you believe you can do, you can.
Whatever you believe you can't do, you can't.

The ability to do something is not dependent upon your ability,

it's dependent upon your CHOICE.

What Do YOU CHOOSE for Yourself?

You can demand a higher standard for yourself.

It might not always feel easy...

It might not always feel safe...
so that's why you can have me and a small community
to help you see you way through it...


Divine Soul Alignment

Divine Soul Alignment is a deep-dive healing journey of empowerment through the chakras to clear and heal mind, body & spirit from negative thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs and blocks that have been holding you back and reprogram your mind for health, happiness & success while reawakening to your divinity & soul power.

It is a total 360* deep dive into the self, the true you, the core of your eternal being. In this journey, you will shed everything that no longer serves you and has been holding you back so that you may live in alignment with your heart and divine soul power to create the life of your dreams, while living out your purpose, mission, and path easily and effortlessly in peace, clarity & confidence.

Release the energy of fear, guilt, shame, unworthiness, grief, lies, illusion, and attachment, and empower yourself with healthy thoughts, feelings & beliefs of security, peace, pleasure, strong will, confidence, unconditional love, healthy self-expression, empowered communication, clarity, truth, and freedom in your mind, body, and spirit.

Learn how to consciously manage your energy to heal deeply, easily feel good about yourself, and tap into your spiritual power to manifest what you want...

Rediscover & Reclaim Your True Divine Power...

Your true power and will is not something to be scared of, because true power & will serves the light.

You might have suffered through deep painful experiences, feel incredible anger towards parts of yourself, others, or just in general. Or you might have become numb to your true emotions because you were in pain for so long, and so they ended up stored in your subconscious until you became ready to sort it all out...

When we become disconnected with parts of ourselves, unaware of our true feelings, or consistently dishonor our own selves, we also become disconnected with our own power- our power to choose, to change, to see with clarity, to feel good about ourselves, etc.  All the blessings and rights that come from being aware and exercising your will to create and live a happy & fulfilling life are directly connected with your conscious awareness. 

Awareness is all you need to start. 

Just be aware that you want a change, and stop passively tolerating & hiding from
that which you truly do not want to accept.

Honor yourself, and take a stand for your own happiness. You deserve it. It is possible. You are worthy.

It's time to accept it and believe in yourself again. 

By the end of Divine Soul Alignment, you'll:

  • Have cleared out old limiting beliefs about yourself and your worthiness
  • Feel connected with and live from your higher, true infinite self
  • Love & accept yourself unconditionally, deeply, & completely
  • Have cleared, healed & balanced all 7 of your major chakras
  • Dissolved old blocks & stuck emotions
  • Know how to tap into a higher frequency & raise your vibration

  • Know how to cultivate inner peace so you can take it with you anywhere

  • Be able to align your mind, body, spirit, heart & soul

  • Know how to overcome fears, stay positive & grow

  • Know how to stop your brain from racing with negative thoughts

  • Know how to find your true inner self & your core desires

  • Know how to remove the blocks that are keeping you from moving forward in your life

  • Have a solid go-to step-by-step process to heal your body, mind, heart, spirit & soul

  • Know how to be assertive so you can hold healthy energetic boundaries & protect your energy

  • Know how to deal with overwhelm & anxiety so you can switch to peace and calm in the middle of anything, anytime, anyplace

  • Feel strong & clear in your mind

  • Be able to stop caring what other people think about you so you can honor yourself and your truth

Are You Ready to Heal Deeply, Overcome Fear, &
Stand In Your Divine Soul Power to Create the Life You Want?

This system works. It will change your life, shift your paradigm, guide you to give yourself the permission to rediscover who you are, and awaken to a new state of consciousness. You can still be that financially, emotionally, abundant soul that you've always known yourself to be deep down. 

Find the strength to step out of your comfort zone.
Everything you want is outside of your comfort zone. 

See what's INSIDE the program...

Divine Soul Alignment

The 7-Month Deep-Dive Transformational Healing Journey
You're Soul's Been Craving...

Month 1: Root Chakra

A strong foundation is the key to success in any endeavor. The first month is all about coming home to your true self, connecting with your body, and assessing where you are. You will deepen your presence, find peace & acceptance in where you are now, let go of the past, and expand your awareness of self while you connect with and ground your inner truth. You will learn to listen to the messages and wisdom of the body and let yourself be guided by them. You will develop a strong sense of inner connectionsafety, security, and groundedness. We will also explore your ability to receive abundance, and the concept of having, and clear any energy blocks, negative thoughts, or limiting beliefs around what you can receive, have, and how you're supported

Month 2: Sacral Chakra

During the second month you will dive into the watery realm of the emotions, pleasure, nurturance, and sexuality. After establishing your ground, it is here that you will begin to move, heal, & shake out old feelings of shame around feeling good about yourself in all areas of your life, and identify where you are blocking yourself from being able to receive pleasure. You'll explore, embrace, and dance with your own shadows, fears, & duality, heal old emotional wounds, and balance your sexual energy. Become empowered to discover, uncover, and honor the full spectrum of your true emotions and heal your inner child. Nurture yourself deeply and rise up to own the movement in your soul. Once you recover your pleasure and heal emotionally, it will free you up to dive into the depths of your true desires, understanding what attracts and calls you to move in the world- creating deep integrity, honesty, & pure attraction within yourself. This makes it easier to manifest what we want when this center is healthy, balanced, and open. 

Month 3: Solar Plexus Chakra

In the third month things will get firey! After creating a deep, strong base of support & nurturance within yourself, you will connect with the core of your power- your will. This month is all about identifying & healing self-sabotaging patterns, victim-mentality, & low self-worth triggers, extracting your unique soul lessons to apply to your empowerment, & reprogramming yourself to respond in new healthier ways that honor your true self. You will learn how to own and stand in your divine power, know your worth, and carry it with you everywhere so that you always have your confidence and self-esteem turned on and turned up. Connect with and experience your power to assert your will to create, manifest and protect yourself. Become the empowered manager of your own energy, plug up the leaks, and shine bright like the star you are. 

heal and live your dream

Month 4: Heart Chakra

In this month, you will dive into heart healing, creating compassion for yourself and others, healthy relationships, creating balance, and connecting to & experiencing unconditional love. This is where we will dive deeper into emotional healing. Clear, heal, and extract the lessons of old hurts, broken hearts, anger, and grief, as well as create awareness around your triggers so that you can catch and reprogram them. Open up to feel safer and more courageous in being vulnerable and intimate with yourself and others. You will find, create, expand and deepen your experience of inner and outer peace, and learn how to handle and eliminate anxiety. Become centered in your heart, create a deep sense of calm and acceptance, and learn the true meaning of forgiveness. You will learn how to love and accept yourself and others as you are, reduce judgement and increase compassion & understanding. Learn how to recognize yourself reflecting back in others so that you can easily create harmonious loving relationships, and more easily recognize how to resolve conflicts, learn, grow and create happiness together. 

Month 5: Throat Chakra

It is here that you will dive into the realm of communication, creativity, and deeper self-expression. Identify and remove the blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs around speaking up, being heard, and having an impact. Find, refine, and empower your voice, your message, and your truth. Speaking your truth sets you free. Discover where and why you picked up old patterns that have restricted you from speaking up in the past, forgive and clear anger and fear that could be stored here, and create new awareness, understandings, and healthier behavioral patterns that empower you. Learn to speak directly, articulately, with grace, love and assertively when required. Express your deepest truths, ask for what you want, speak life into your creative manifestations, desires, and projects, and learn to hone the power of your word. You will gain confidence in expressing yourself freely, wisely, and truthfully.

Month 6: Third Eye Chakra

Next, you will dive into perhaps the most mystical part of yourself. You will clean up and heal your third eye chakra- the center of sight, clarity, vision, intuition, and imagination. With a strong foundation beneath you, you will come face to face with any lingering fears that have kept you from seeing clearly. When the energy below you is well-managed and in sync & harmony with itself, clear inner and outer vision manifests. Your intuition and psychic gifts of insight appear and guide you through any challenge. Have the courage to see the truth clearly and own your divine power to manage the input and output of psychic energy. Take a deeper look at the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. Purge old lies and agreements to see only truth. Practice visualizing, holding and being in alignment with your inner vision of what you seek to create/manifest and consciously manage what you feed your mind. Banish doubt for good. 

Month 7: Crown Chakra

At last, you will arrive in the crown chakra- illumination, thought, understanding, faith, and knowledge. During this month we will look at whatever remaining attachments there might be in your life that keep you separate from seeing the truth of your existence which is not physical in nature. We will carefully watch our thoughts and begin to banish all ill thought. We will practice replacing our thoughts with only healthy and harmonious thoughts to build our lives. The word is what makes manifest, so follow your thought, which becomes your word, which becomes your actions, which become your habits, which become your achievements! You will spend time connecting to your soul, your spirit, exploring what it means to you, and learning to rely on your own knowledge. Explore your faith and how easily (or not easily) you hold onto faith, and also know when to let go.

What You Receive:

  • 21x 60 minute Pre-recorded downloadable calls
  • 2x Mp3 Downloadable Meditations
  • 21x Affirmation Sheets 
  • 21x Truly-Transformational Journal Prompt Sheets 
  • Lifetime Access to All the Materials
  • Exclusive Access to the Divine Soul Alignment Private Facebook Support Group

+ This BONUS worth $500 !!!

  •  A private 1:1 60-minute "Set Yourself Up for Success" Breakthrough Call 

What People Are Saying About Our Solution


THIS IS SO FUN!!!!!! Discovering about me is a true gem! Love for me needs to come first.  I am getting comfortable in my own skin! I can now be living life not holding onto old pain. Thank you thank you!!!

Pamela Furno Reiki Practitioner

Make The Decision That Will Change Your Life Forever

 For the payment plan of $222/month x6, email me at

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Kristen Renee
Creator of
Divine Soul Alignment

About Kristen Renee

Kristen has been studying holistic health and healing for the past 14 years. It is her passion to empower people with the knowledge and training to become their own healers. It is her wish to see everyone live their best life from their best selves.

She is the founder of Infinite Health & Healing, a Coach, a Holistic Health Practitioner, a Reiki Master Teacher, a Spiritual Teacher, and a Paradigm Shifter.

"Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life,
because you become what you believe."
~Oprah Winfrey


You have found yourself stuck

struggling with blocks,

limiting beliefs,



& doubt...


You're ready to know yourself again,

love yourself again,

and simply be happy with your life again...


Your ready for a re-hull,

an in-dept self-assessment,

a soul-deep check-in...

Divine Soul Alignment is for YOU.

It's time.

You're ready for Divine Soul Alignment if:

  • You are willing to commit to doing the inner work
  • You feel a soul calling to do inner healing 
  • You are ready to get honest with yourself
  • You're not afraid to look at your own shadow
  • You're sick and tired of feeling like crap all the time.

You're not ready for Divine Soul Alignment if:

  • You're not dedicated to put in the time or effort to drastically improve the quality of your life.
  • You'd rather make excuses for the reasons why you are unhappy or things aren't going your way in life.
  • You're unwilling to change or grow
  • You are impatient and expect to get results overnight. (Real results take time, and if you want them to be lasting, then you have to take the time do the work.)

What You Receive:

  • 21x 60 minute Pre-Recorded Downloadable Calls
  • 2x Mp3 Downloadable Meditations
  • 21x Affirmation Sheets
  • 21x Truly-Transformational Journal Prompt Sheets 
  • Lifetime Access to All the Materials
  • Exclusive Access to the Divine Soul Alignment Private Facebook Support Group

Plus $500 extra worth in BONUSES!!!

  • A private 1:1 60-minute "Set Yourself Up for Success" Breakthrough Call 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


 For the payment plan of $222/month x6, email me at

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel more peaceful, powerful and happy within the first 14 days, just let us know and send in your homework and we'll return your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

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P.S.:: You won't see any other program like this out there. Trust me, I've looked. This is the most in depth program out there regarding chakra healing and upgrading your consciousness. This is a LIFE investment. You won't regret it! 

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